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geradjabin : oh ma lord dont insult shakira the girl looks like a ghost
DanLala Gomez : @eranjenes dude most things r always copied.... so what.. indion idol is also copied frm american idol.. everything is copied from dancing with the stares.. n den india even copied americas got talent n made indias got talent... so thy do dat to make smthing like them cos all we do is watching the american stuff.. at least thr doing smthing man.... be glad for that!!!
ThePurplerain082 : Ayyo nehara pls don't insult Shakira by dancing for her songs..seriously why the hell you selected to dance for Shakira's most popular song??you think you can dance like her???Bullshit. Next time pls don't even think of dancing for shakira's song...ur dancing is totally a disaster.
gampolaya : mokakda halo me rock & roll eka.madakari wage.lassana ekak natanawa halo.suddange old shit owa.
yoshrks : Not even close to being Shakira .....
thescourgeass : @geradjabin go fuck yaself bitch
Mohamed Rismy : Nehara enawada oya ape gadol factory ekete, meti tikak paganta
geradjabin : dont insult shakira u sl idiots