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5hillfam 3 : cute! i figured it out, but it took awhile, i suggest going a little slower when crocheting
linda ewald : Hi Beth and ty
Cheryl Smith : I just want to let you know that I think you are amazing. Oh am I am from TX too.
Angela Watts : a very helpful tutorial i'm a bit of a novice but trying to learn some new stitches for edging. loving all types of crocheting tryed to fly bfore i could walk though and my first project was a bit well..... not quite right so gonna use this stitch to try again for the video will subscribe.
Takako Hazama : Tolong ajarkan dari awal,karena saya baru belajar dan ajarkan perlahan lahan.terima kasih atas kerja samanya.
pc kracee : Love your videos. Do you know how to do the crocodile stitch? I would love to make a wreath using this stitch.
Angela Watts : ps love thanks for taking me there xxxxxx
Michelle Ybarra : the shell part is easy you forgot to show us how to build the wall haha