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Vaal Zero : communist propaganda. manipulation. from beginning burnd villiges, death bodies,starved child and on the end of this sequence hand placing german pistol in to the boot. perfect for idiots. villiges were burned to the ground by soviets, death bodies are victims of execution by NKVD. and soldiers in the village that can be true. 
Viktor Saltykov : These polish scums were not children, as in this video, and they were our real enemies, so not the same..
robert reavley : now then children! lets not forget that Russia lost 20 million people to the fighting and that most of them were civilians. if it wasn't for the wretched, foolish, idiotic Nazis, the world would be different place today! 
Галактус : Burn in hell for those who helped the Nazi scum
Vladuska SR : Andy Vileroar, Pig is your mother, who did not have an abortion, and gave birth to this shit!
Виталий Пасько : да ладно... все это сделал человек. на это каждый горазд. ты только подтолкни.
Karambatos : Твой прадед в НКВД в заградотряде был? Пехотинец жил не более двух боев. Был твой прадед пехотинцем, ты бы даже не пукнул сейчас, тебя бы не родили.
Іван Горд : Доб'єте? :)))))))))))) А кишка не тонка? Ти хоча мене одного добий, а не всіх. Приїзжай падло вшиве в Київ. Спробуєш добити. Адресу дати? Чмо ти убоге.