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AboutComposites :
Dan Frederiksen : good video but doesn't the loss of vacuum mean you don't necessarily get a minimum of epoxy? seems to me this way is worse than first wetting and then vacuum bagging
ego4show : I have been researching vacuum infusion, are there any starter kits you guys suggest for me to get first or should I piece one together?
beachnative420 : I had problems around the edges doing this, but then again we were doing a 50 boat hull. We used clear gel coat to see what it looked like after it was pulled from the mold, not very good!!!
gambler2026 : where do you get the connectors to connect to the bagging material?
Deltaparts : Robinair
dj7310 : does this make it dry carbon fiber after doing this? or is it still wet carbon fiber?
SuperCody888 : what do you guys use for a vacuum pump