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jwhiteout : Don't eat that stuff. The chinese are like animals. They have enzymes which can break down harmful bacteria. That's why they eat roadkill, eggs soaked in piss and speak a language which sounds like yelping coyotes. They're dogs. Billions of dogs on two legs and slanted eyes. They give great hand jobs though. *not to mention this woman hasn't washed her hands after wiping her ass in a week.
Tim Koia : look so yummy
XItte90 : Looks fucking delicious.. What is that?
Jig Saw : Where can i find a woman like this...
jailbirdx0x : 我最喜欢的早餐!
NutWarrior : This lady is a machine
Oli cad : Mcdonald's is actually healthier than this(living in Shanghai)
Tindecs : looks so good