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Lukas : SONG NAME PLS !!! ?
LegendaryAlex204 : first seconds i was like why u take video of windows aand when the bass dropped ................ok naah
Eric Rider : i think its not so good for the car :D 
marios toufexis : 14000 watt arms !!!!
Lucas TV : What the Fuck! Nice Nice Nice 
Randall Bass : While I am sure it sounds great... it is 4 18's in a paper thin tin can. Flexing the hell out of these new cars is as easy as breathing. simply leaning on them dents the body in lol. The plate glass window is huge and also easy to flex, simply because of it's huge and monolithic. just sayin
eric thomas : Man im listen it in my 2000 tahoe threw wit my ipod i have a two12's re audio xxx subs i got the volume on 10 my shit Quicken good vid audio bro. Good job damn them hater ur hitten
Tim Ganzel : WTF