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Brandon Derricho : #2's name is Gabby Jay from Super Punch Out! He's the only one who successfully LOST to Glass Joe!
K Meebs : The most vagina butt female dog is Ben from the walking dead game he left come to die i mean COME ON
BadassFreeman : The one who lost to Glass Joe was the Angry Video Game Nerd, using the Power Glove.
Kaiju417 : Mario and Luigi are certainly not pussies. But Slippy and Tingle sure are! XD
TheRequiemofIce : Why can't number 2 be Von Kaiser? He can be defeated in less than ten fucking seconds with the right person, on a speed run. That's faster than Glass Joe any day.
KamektheMagikoopa1 : I think Luigi is actually one of the bravest sons of bitches out there. He acknowledges his fear and despite being scared out of his mind most of the time, 7/10 times, he'll shrug aside his fear and get down to business. Takes real courage to know your scared and ignore it.
Bloody Pumpkin : What's so pussy-ass-bitchish about punching someone in the nuts? In your top 10 Fatalities there was a Johnny Cage fatality featuring some nut-smashing! AND YOU CONGRATULATED HIM FOR THAT!!!
dani houba : oh final fantasy eh? FUCK YOU PICE OF MOTHER FUCKIN SHIT!!!!!!