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psychgoth : Lol, I applaud you for saying that about the Final Fantasy characters.
Can'tThinkofBetterName : Slippy lets you see the boss's health therefore letting you know when your strategy is working.
Jason Voorhees : Mike Tyson actually could not beat glass Joe... sir you just called Mike Tyson a Pussy Ass Bitch.... I fear for you and your families ears... Don't believe me? Look up Mike Tyson Punch Out Failed Commercial
Imnon00b5 : Anders?
Robocloud75 : Spiky hair doesn't make someone an emo :I And why does a massive weapon mean overcompensation? Doesn't that just make them more combat effective? And anyways, the only ones with big weapons are Cloud and Sephiroth in FF7. And I guess Squall from FF8.
HLeeV99 : My mom said she couldn't win punch out, even against Glass Joe... She actually admitted that! But fighting games aren't really her thing anyway. She was more of a Nintendo 64 gamer who played things such as super Mario 64, dk 64, starfox 64, and Zelda Ocarina of time. She was really good at the last 2.
linkno1 : Otacon is a pussy for pissing himself? In MGS3 Big Boss pissed himself (torture scene) and Big Boss it the most badass character in the series (yes, more badass than Solid Snake)