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Eric Beall : All you guys ever do is troll people. I think you guys qualify for biggest pussy ass bitches.
The Abominable GMan : What's so pussy-ass-bitchish about punching someone in the nuts? In your top 10 Fatalities there was a Johnny Cage fatality featuring some nut-smashing! AND YOU CONGRATULATED HIM FOR THAT!!!
KamektheMagikoopa1 : I think Luigi is actually one of the bravest sons of bitches out there. He acknowledges his fear and despite being scared out of his mind most of the time, 7/10 times, he'll shrug aside his fear and get down to business. Takes real courage to know your scared and ignore it.
Shady Fungus : 9. Johny Cage's punching in the balls is especially legit in a fight to the death! If you die due to a nutshot I'm going to put "LAWLZ GGs" on your tombstone. 7. Everyone has Dan'ed at least once in their life, Dan just livin it out! 6. ::Nod of approval:: 3. Y'ALL CAN FRENCH KISS A COBRA!! Luigi is a coward but it takes COURAGE to stand up to fear, which he does. Y'ALL CAN GO JUMP IN A PIT FULL DOGS WITH BEES IN THEIR MOUTH THAT WHEN THEY BARK THEY SHOOT BEES AT YOU!! 2. ...Wow good point. Never thought of that. 1. ?........Number 1 iz fail. None of the other pilots give a health gauge to boss's. Any pilot can get caught at any time but during stage plot certain characters are automatic. Not to mention Slippy designed the tank and the blue marine. I wouldn't put passed him making the arwing or at least upgraded versions of it. #Trollsauce
Roxana Darh : Like if u clicked the video for nude pussy ass bitches in video game if u know what I mean!!
dasetman : Big Boss pissed himself during the Volgin torture scene. :)
DJ Neo Geo : Wow Nick Bruiser Sucks
DocFlav : Lol if anyone actually gets angry at this video and takes it seriously, you're a PUSSY ASS BITCH!