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Brandon Derricho : #2's name is Gabby Jay from Super Punch Out! He's the only one who successfully LOST to Glass Joe!
dani houba : oh final fantasy eh? FUCK YOU PICE OF MOTHER FUCKIN SHIT!!!!!!
yungmatt009 : 0:25 can anyone tell me the name of that theme? I feel like it's from metroid.. But idk
Christian Lampley : Yep no reason to explain why tingle is on here. Tingle Tingle Kooloo limpah!!
TheBestKindOfFailure : I was expecting to see the gnorc soldiers from the first stage of Spyro the Dragon.
TheZeldaBigMacintosh : And yet, as of Mortal Kombat X, Johnny Cage has officialy gotten the poontang.
Jake TheCanadien : why the fuck do you people cenor your self?
Light Rowe : I thought of a quote on a meme for the giant sword overcompensation thing. "I'm overcompensating with my giant sword? Real funny. I'll be sure to put they that on your tombstone."