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Klukon8 : What about those skinny fucks in Assassin's Creed? Or the Brutes?
Can'tThinkofBetterName : Slippy lets you see the boss's health therefore letting you know when your strategy is working.
soliduswasright : I don't see how Otacon is a pussy ass bitch. Everyone he's ever loved or cared about has died. His severe family issues are pretty much plaguing his mind constantly. If anything, he has a right to be a "pussy ass bitch" and even then he's not because he's a tremendous help to Snake and his friends. as for the pissing scene, he's spent all of his life behind a screen and suddenly confronted by death cyborg incarnate.
linkno1 : Otacon is a pussy for pissing himself? In MGS3 Big Boss pissed himself (torture scene) and Big Boss it the most badass character in the series (yes, more badass than Solid Snake)
devilninjashin67 : in super punch out you fight an old man with 1-99 i think he fought glass joe and the ref felt so bad he gave them both a win
Imnon00b5 : Anders?
GamerSastn : #2 lol
Jason Voorhees : Mike Tyson actually could not beat glass Joe... sir you just called Mike Tyson a Pussy Ass Bitch.... I fear for you and your families ears... Don't believe me? Look up Mike Tyson Punch Out Failed Commercial