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CombustingFetus : This guy has the most mobile spiderman I've ever seen, he doesn't really do any for the complex spiderman combos, but the pure mobility and keepaway this spiderman player has is beyond my comprehension, he's just so fucking annoying and it inspires me to try and pick up Spidey. Amazing work MameSpider
Emillll : @tonynemo I don't put the date in the video title for nothing...
DirtyAtreyu : Its like they're paying a different game..
jszy : that spidey didnt get hit for like 48 marvel seconds.........
freckleburger : Almost every team has Vergil. More so than america with Wesker
OmegaExile : Is there anywhere else I can find more of Mamespider?
MrSlayerDeth : That's a nice Spaidah Mah!
tonynemo : Are these new?