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Victor TN : Can Guo'er & Lou'er stop leaving each other? It's getting old & stupid...."I love u sooooo much, we'll be w/ each other for ever & ever & never leave one another"....then one leaves cuz of some stupidity & the other goes crazy...repeat, rinse. Oh, yeah...& Fu'er's purpose is to annoy everyone.
Camellia C : It's true though. Guo Fu lacks the wit of her mother and the morality of her father; how dafaq did they breed this thing that's spoiled and stupid as hell? e.e
Dhewie Nurmala : Gan kasih tau Judul sambungan dari To liong to serta linknya maskasih
Norlin Norlin : Nice
diana jjang : well she not a real character there is no need for hate guys
Dory Peters : Madame Guo is always BS-ing. Dont understand why Yang Guo don't just leave that family.
babi sotong : bloody bitch
asa asas : Lol I don't understand why people hate the character so much. It is just a show. Learn to relax. Lol