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Chris Hollis : I used to beat niggas ass to this song in Def Jam Fight for NY.
JustinMayTheRapper : my favret def jame fight for new yourk rap song
ASAP Kam : Def Jam NY My favorite game
ninayaseen : for those of you who are expecting a newer version and improved version of Def Jam FFNY, i hate to disappoint you, but Def Jam Icon, and Rapstar were the last of the Def Jam series. possibilities that there might be a remaster edition available for PS4, Xbox One, and possibly the PS3 and X360, since they are the biggest consoles atm, but there wont be a sequel, or anything as such. I agree with many, Def Jam Icon was awful, but that was the ending of the fighting series. also, if you don't know, but EA was bought out by EA sports, so even if they do release another, it'll probably be like Method Man, Redman, Joe Budden, and a load of other people doing like a street-style version of FIFA. NGL i loved FFNY cos i loved the different types of fights available-Inferno, subway, window etc. like if Def Jam Fight for NY brought you here :)
6613mm : Eight people are too lazy to take the walk
ThePrince999 : What song are the video clips from?
Não olha pra mim : def jam fight for ny final fight
daAmazin FatB0y : DEF JAM!!!! WHERES THE 4TH 1!? it better be like FFNY!!!!