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genothegreytTV : the only other joe budden song i know of
Jason Nichols : *Walk With Me* *Sometimes I listen to hip hop, it's not all punk, just mostly* See 'em often while we walking I'll show you the drug dealers and some dudes that hate me word on the streets is they real killers dog Where was the hate back when I wasn't on my feet? A alcoholic, school dropout, just a bum on the street Where was the hate durin' my adolescence? Back when that physicatrist was trying hard To get me on them anti-depressants I don't recall none of this happenin' back then
Matheus Ferreira : Def Jam Fight For NY brought me here!!!
ZedwardHD : Legend
ASAP Kam : Def Jam NY My favorite game
Paris Lancaster : My favorite Joe joint....Its just to REAL...Way to REAL.
Adam Alvarez : Man... This song. I mean, it wasn't until my early adulthood that I related to this song so strongly. But of course, I do remember it from Def Jam. Such a great tune for a final showdown to end the game. 
Marcelo Farias : def jam great song