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JewishKamikaze : I'd say you got super lucky because you had immediate access to uv lasers from turn 1. You save time and money by building solely extended range at the very beginning.
my32pints : I downloaded this from steam and the game is working, but my question is the game screen is much smaller than my computer screen. Is this the normal size or is it a steam issue itself ?
Scott Logston : you need to re think how you are doing you vids. Your blandness is infuriating, and makes me wanna go watch something else \ sorry .
DarkWolfe117 : Came here cuz you're the only one doing Tarkas, plus i saw your SotS II LP so far, and i can't wait til you continue it
Otto Toksik : settings->fullscreen
Tekk's Tavern : @annoyingcola hehe yeah...Im newer to the game. Not sure I mentioned it but have only played a couple games so far. Im sure Ill make a fair amount of mistakes. I basically know just enough to be myself. =)
DarkWolfe117 : I will laugh if the two AI's ally against you :P
annoyingcola : xenotech becomes available when you met other races.also technology may branch off later on like if you research energy you may unlock shields. love how you call extended range scouts then processed to make a scout fleet without them your better off rushing fusion tech at the beginning. the speed boost it gives and technology it unlocks are worth it.