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KiljiArslan : They should have had manowar just do the soundtrack of Rise of an Empire.
LuDimezofKush : Why don't they show when the Moors invaded Latin territory and molested everyone in sight. Nah I don't think that would bring in too much revenue. Better a bunch of people who look Anglo and speak with an English accents take on the world full of colored. That brings in the cash.
Beelzebub Rules Below : MANOWAR! \M/
Andrzej Skiba : \m/
Emmanouel DarkGrimReaper : Well i am a greek but shit guys this song has nothing to do with greeks or whatever THIS VIDEO IS FOR US THE BROTHERS OF METAL!
John Akyuz : The Greek are Gay The Spartans Hail to the Gods and War
Lord Lernor : Its your Odin and Norse shit ok? idiot stupid!!!You dont have history all europe...all give to you we, WE GREECE GREEK PPL, you must say to us thanks for that, you have today civilization...and not a dense forest!!!