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SimKetHorror : HOW???????????
Krisztián Tóth : What's the point in power lvling a none hardcore character ?!
Bollalillo : this isnt even gameplay, why would you do this? Said somewhere on a forum you just took the mechanics ( and stated its implemented for this purpose ). Might be fun but its dumb as hell
pontus thotnberg : Hur fan kom du på det!!!!
Robert Marquis : Seriously did you think a shitty quality would hide the fact that the character you are playing and the character you are attempting to "power level" are completely different characters? 
Tyler Collett : its the tristam theme from diablo 1 not 2 lol
Osvaldas Dabasinskis : its not a glitch and while yes it does work ... you must understand that it was done by 4 people and they spent at least 10 hours for it ... (at least 1 hour for editing) nowadays you can ACTUALLY level your char from 1 to 60 in 3-4 hours solo or 2-3 hours with boosting and the idea that they claim to have done it without any breaks, cuts or edits like described in about tab just shows how childish these people are :) the best you can do to get your 4.48 time of your life back is to dislike this video and never watch any videos from same user ever again ... cause you dont want to make money for this kid do you ? peace out ;)
Noor Iman : nice trick lol