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Diablo 3, 1-60 in 15 minutes /played.

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Diablo 3, 1-60 in 15 minutes /played.

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This is how we did it. It's a well known method. We're just faster at using it. While it was slower in IRL time than our previous WR (World Record) of 42 minutes (at the very least well below an hour of IRL time), this boss and method provided us with the chance to vastly improve the /played, from 42 minutes all the way down to 15 minutes. This makes us the WR holders of both best time /played (in-game) that is reported with sufficient evidence (this video!), and best time in IRL time spent that our previous WR of 42 minutes /played gave us. Granted, I have yet to see anyone FRAPS 1-60 without any breaks, cuts or edits, making us the WR holders of IRL time spent 1-60 by default. I realize we haven't given enough evidence to support this claim, but we don't feel the need until someone else provides a youtube clip starting with character creation and ending with the level 60 ding all in one go, and clocking it under an hour. And frankly, with the lack of interest on the internet, who cares? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this clip for what it is. We do stuff like this just for fun. Disclaimer: I take no credit for any audio or video in this youtube clip. Except my own voice in the end. It's mine, and I'll go to court fighting for it!

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Bollalillo : this isnt even gameplay, why would you do this? Said somewhere on a forum you just took the mechanics ( and stated its implemented for this purpose ). Might be fun but its dumb as hell
pontus thotnberg : Hur fan kom du på det!!!!
VeggyZ : Cool, now you can play Diablo 3 without playing it at all! Who wants to play the game anyway - it only really gets fun once you max your level! ... except that this is Diablo 3 and the "fun" is the ride and not some sort of endgame. Oh, I just don't really get why people bother I guess.
SimKetHorror : HOW???????????
Krisztián Tóth : What's the point in power lvling a none hardcore character ?!
Robert Marquis : Seriously did you think a shitty quality would hide the fact that the character you are playing and the character you are attempting to "power level" are completely different characters? 
BONIDIKT : Очень блять весело олень!
Tyler Collett : its the tristam theme from diablo 1 not 2 lol