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EnderEnchanter Endy : 9k dislikes 5k likes says enough
Sean Kim : Minecraft is leggo with small challenges thrown in but it really relies on the creativity of it's players, if you have no imagination and or ideas you get bored fast. In other wise if u cant play minecraft and think its boring you have no imagination.
BigSundae : Why is your minecraft footage boring a fuck? Could you film some of the more interesting stuff like a round of survival games, fighting the ender dragon, dungeon crawling and so on.
braedyn verigin : you counted explosives as a wepon for terraria. there is tnt in minecraft
Matthew Mercado : There's a Terraria mod for Minecraft. Enough said!
misbah bari : oh my lord terria sucks bro minecarft is 100x better but to all those terria fans i hope you dont get mad its just that minecraft is more real life adventre in a way it feels like you actually in this world 
Fatefulwall : Why are you all getting so butt hurt because of someones opinion? and terraria had a new update that's bigger than all the new minecraft updates combined what do you guys have to say about that.
Jared Palacios : These guys are raging and whining over one video THAT WAS OUTDATED 3YEARS AGO and the video is based on someone's opinion its not like he's stating a fact