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Super Little Boy 2 : Minecraft update: OMG BUG FIXES AND MOR3 BUG FIXES AND ADDED 1 MOB AND 10 FEATURES. GET REKT TERRARIA FANS Terraria Update: WOW! 1000+ WEAPONS, NEW ARMORS, 15+ BOSSES, BUG FIXES AND A NEW BIOME?? AMAZING! Now to Fanbase. MC Player: HELO TERIA PLAYER U SUCK BALLZ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Terraria Player: Sorry, but... Did you insult me? MC player: GET REKT BITH. I'M ONE 4 YEARS OLD MINECRAFT FANBOY. U R ONE SUCKER Terraria Player: Well, you're kinda stupid and sooooooooooo ridiculous... MC Player: IM MAD NOW BRUH. U INSULT ME. I DIDN'T INSULT YOU, U R A REKT BITH. Terraria Player: No, you insulted me first. Stop being a hypocrite. MC Player: IM MAD BRUH. U R A JEALOUS BITH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Terraria Player: *Puts on Black Glasses* No, you are the bitch here. Stop insulting your self. *TURN DOWN FOR WHAT* That is a PROOF that the fanbase of terraria is better than Minecraft. Terraria fans: Calm, Smart and growed up people. Minecraft fans: Full of whinny 4-10 years old kids. Please don't hate on me. If you going to hate because you are a MC Fanboy, so that is a proof that you can't face the truth. Also 3D and MODS will not cause a difference. So 3D and Mods don' make Minecraft better than Terraria. Sorry for my bad english. I'm from Brazil :P
Amanda Pierotti : Exactly what I expected to see in the comments section... people whining about which game is better. Why not just accept that everyone has their own personal taste? Personally, I thoroughly enjoy Minecraft, and the infinite creative outlet it offers me via modding, Redstone, etc. HOWEVER, Terraria looks like it would be an immersive game as well. I will have to try it, and even if it's not for me, I'm certainly not going to get my panties in a bunch about Minecraft being superior. It's all a matter of opinion and preference, there is no "better game". Games are made for enjoyment, not to argue about.
SoMe GuY : i have bought both games and i have to say that terraria and minecraft are nothing alike her are some differences WARNING this comment is going to be long so if you're willing to read it all then go ahead if not then skim read it and reply,thank you :) 1 the music - the music in terrasia makes you want to fight or continue what you're doing when in minecraft half of the tracks scare me in some situations e.g caving 2 terraria has more boss fights and mobs - playing and fighting in terraria is sooooooooooooo fun i will name all terraria bosses easy mode 1 eye of Cthulu 2 brain of Cthulu 3 skeletron 4 eater of worlds 5 the queen bee 6 *THE WALL OF FLESH* *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN* hardmode 1 the destroyer 2 the twins (my personal favorite) 3 skeletron prime 4 plantera 5 enraged plantera (plantera above the surface) 6 golem 7 duke fishron pumpkin moon event 8 mourning wood 9 pumpking frost moon event 10 sanTANK 11 frost queen ok 11 bosses is alot i said mobs so let's talk about them as said in the video there is 99 mobs in total although most of them are hardmode mobs which all have over 100 health 3 minecraft has more exploration aka a bigger world size terraria has an editable world size minecraft doesn't well it does kinda but kinda not 4 character customization goes to minecraft because there's websites that allow you to design your own custom character 5 mods - minecraft mods are being made daily many become famous and others don't the only types of mods in terraria are inventory editors (which i use) and a creative mode mod 6 enchantments - minecraft has a great way of encanting stuff especially if you have the enchanting plus mod terraria is more magic based and THERE'S NO ENCHANTING?! well, there kinda is when a weapon has something like "godly" at the start it boosts that weapon,tool or accessory (which i will talk about next) 7 terraria has accesories and by accesories i mean stuff like lava waders ,lightning boots , wings that just boost your character up by that little bit 8 pets - terraria has better pets, why? i'll explain even though most terraria pets are just trophies that follow you and make you look *BADASS* but here's 3 pets that i've had in terraria that are really good at defending you 1 the twins (from the optic staff) 2sharknado 3slimes 9 prices- terraria is cheaper 10 multiplayer - minecraft wins in my point of view anyway, i have this problem where i try to register on a server and it says my name is logged in so i thought yeah it's pretty obvious that someone would've picked the username of "Jake" by now so i used an inventory editor and changed the username to my YT username and tried to register and it did the same thing :P told ya it would be a long comment :)
Ata Sancaktar : Minecraft: -Only 2 bosses? -Only 5 armours? -Have lesser mobs than Terraria +Crafting system is not bad -Have lesser items than Terraria +Biomes are awesome +Supporting mods +Have textures +PvP system is not bad -No, 3D +Have potions -Fishing system is very bad +Amazing website ++Have Hell and End dimension +Have final boss with credits -Don't have a badass music ++Combat is better than Terraria Score:12 Terraria +Have 15 bosses! +Have lots of armour! +Have tons of mobs! -Crafting system sucks +Have MUCH, MUCH more items than Minecraft ++Biomes are more awesome -Still supporting mods but don't have any mobs yet +Have vanity items and dyes like MC's textures +PvP system is not bad ++Have more potions +Fishing system is better than MC +Have acessory slots +Amazing website +Have pets +Have a "Mana slot" called thing -Don't have any final boss or credits ++Have a badass music, when entering biomes, it's changed. During boss fights, have an extremely badass music +Combat is still not bad Score:18 Roblox ----------Sucks ----------Sucks ----------Only for childs +++Characther customization is better than both, Terraria and Minecraft Score:0
NoZ Impulse | Leader of Clan Impulse : Why the hell are we still comparing these two games? They are extremely different. "Oh, well Terraria copied crafting off of minecraft!" TF2 has crafting. Nobody ever complains about TF2. Seriously guys, they are both great games. 
Charlotte McEvoy : eeeeee gasss minecraft is better better mods less mobs are better does not matter bout the ores more animals has skins npcs trade with you you can dye the armor (leather) combat is much better trolling people for jokes weapons are good there is lots of weapons on mods :P 1000000 weapons and you can enchant the weapons and armor terrariea stole minecraft and put it 2D updates only on speiual occasions in uk minecraft is cheaper than terraria multiplayer is better on minecraft because you build more on minecraft minecraft has creative mode BOOM MINECRAFT WINS LOL
Drake ! : Terraria have... Better website More mobs More clothes More weapons Nice load screen (not selling his games) Cool designed And more... Minecraft have... Shitt Bad loadscreen Ugly website Not many mobs,clothes and Weapons (is for kids) And many negative shitt... 
Ethan Montgomery : i hate terraria