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Minecraft vs Terraria

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Minecraft vs Terraria

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Just my opinion, dont hate. Just a comparison of both the games. Replacement channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMurumasaV2 Terraria.org Minecraft.org

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Fernando de Alba Piñeyro : No terraria lose because minecraft you can to with anything have more mobs now in 1.8 and you can to anything can you want like mini games server texture packs, mods, etc and in terraria you can´t to anything and terraria copy of minecraft and destroy the creativity!!! 
Ash Walker : Terraria was made first I helped them make it
Hugh Akers : Yeah, minecraft was fun, in the second grade.
Terraria Person : We can tell this guy HATES Terraria because of how he says Terraria gets a point AND Terraria creations are simple and easy to make so Terraria wins on the creation side other than having to collect everything legitimately but i find it more fun to do things for yourself other than using "Creative Mode" to get unlimited items because i prefer to do it properly and play through because i KNOW i will get attached to the game i am playing. I don't even know who i wrote/typed/swyped so much i got bored. I will always say Terraria is better than Minecraft because of the features and all the fun you have fighting the bosses and raging when you've died to them about 3 times and still can't beat them after your friend gives you the best items in the game, ANYWAYS why am i still swiping
Brian Le : Minecraft is more for kids and Terraria is for more advanced smarter gamers
Princess Grapebloom : *Minecraft is a million times better than Terrarishit Hands down haters! <3* 
Ethan Montgomery : i hate terraria
RandomGaming : Just imagine if minecraft and terraria combined to make one game....IT'D BE THE #1 VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!