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R.I.P Ciaran McCormick : Terraria sucks, why did the guy who made this think it was better than Minecraft, also if you say Terraria was in development before Minecraft, Terraria started development in 2011!, MINECRAFT WAS 2009 YOU DUMBASSES!
Ido GamingRants : I love how everyone is boasting about biomes, mods, and bosses. Very idiotic. Scroll down for some really butthurt fellows.
Brian Le : Minecraft is more for kids and Terraria is for more advanced smarter gamers
Ed gill : I Know Terraria Has Millions More Items But Minecraft Has Billions Of Mods
LolKoTV : Terraria is better than Mineshit
ariel cordero : Why do you mindcraft fanboys think that just because minecraft has more mods it makes it better than terraria do you reallize that without the mods minecraft will be boring
braedyn verigin : you counted explosives as a wepon for terraria. there is tnt in minecraft
Soroush Was Just Joooking : Terraria is better