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SoMe GuY : i have bought both games and i have to say that terraria and minecraft are nothing alike her are some differences WARNING this comment is going to be long so if you're willing to read it all then go ahead if not then skim read it and reply,thank you :) 1 the music - the music in terrasia makes you want to fight or continue what you're doing when in minecraft half of the tracks scare me in some situations e.g caving 2 terraria has more boss fights and mobs - playing and fighting in terraria is sooooooooooooo fun i will name all terraria bosses easy mode 1 eye of Cthulu 2 brain of Cthulu 3 skeletron 4 eater of worlds 5 the queen bee 6 *THE WALL OF FLESH* *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN* hardmode 1 the destroyer 2 the twins (my personal favorite) 3 skeletron prime 4 plantera 5 enraged plantera (plantera above the surface) 6 golem 7 duke fishron pumpkin moon event 8 mourning wood 9 pumpking frost moon event 10 sanTANK 11 frost queen ok 11 bosses is alot i said mobs so let's talk about them as said in the video there is 99 mobs in total although most of them are hardmode mobs which all have over 100 health 3 minecraft has more exploration aka a bigger world size terraria has an editable world size minecraft doesn't well it does kinda but kinda not 4 character customization goes to minecraft because there's websites that allow you to design your own custom character 5 mods - minecraft mods are being made daily many become famous and others don't the only types of mods in terraria are inventory editors (which i use) and a creative mode mod 6 enchantments - minecraft has a great way of encanting stuff especially if you have the enchanting plus mod terraria is more magic based and THERE'S NO ENCHANTING?! well, there kinda is when a weapon has something like "godly" at the start it boosts that weapon,tool or accessory (which i will talk about next) 7 terraria has accesories and by accesories i mean stuff like lava waders ,lightning boots , wings that just boost your character up by that little bit 8 pets - terraria has better pets, why? i'll explain even though most terraria pets are just trophies that follow you and make you look *BADASS* but here's 3 pets that i've had in terraria that are really good at defending you 1 the twins (from the optic staff) 2sharknado 3slimes 9 prices- terraria is cheaper 10 multiplayer - minecraft wins in my point of view anyway, i have this problem where i try to register on a server and it says my name is logged in so i thought yeah it's pretty obvious that someone would've picked the username of "Jake" by now so i used an inventory editor and changed the username to my YT username and tried to register and it did the same thing :P told ya it would be a long comment :)
Brian Le : Minecraft is more for kids and Terraria is for more advanced smarter gamers
kleverklogs : im sorry but terraria has a much much much much much much much much much better combat system than mincraft. 
ಠ_ಠ Soroush The Grand Duke That Came From Space ಠ_ಠ : Terraria is better
Amanda Pierotti : Exactly what I expected to see in the comments section... people whining about which game is better. Why not just accept that everyone has their own personal taste? Personally, I thoroughly enjoy Minecraft, and the infinite creative outlet it offers me via modding, Redstone, etc. HOWEVER, Terraria looks like it would be an immersive game as well. I will have to try it, and even if it's not for me, I'm certainly not going to get my panties in a bunch about Minecraft being superior. It's all a matter of opinion and preference, there is no "better game". Games are made for enjoyment, not to argue about.
Reginald Pugginton : You kidding me? There is so much to do in Minecraft! While Terraria is about walking east or walking south. If you think minecraft is for children, you are wrong. Have you ever looked at all the command blocks or the redstone? And 5:35 is not true. Minecraft has 41 biomes. But yeah, this video is old. Which means mc got so much better the past 3 years.
Mikemray Canda : you all dumbass do you know terraria and minecraft . ( forgot the wrong spelling ) Minecraft - minecraft has enchantments minecraft has lot of biomes than terraria minecraft has portals minecraft is first created than terraria minecraft is 3D minecraft has more cooler too explore minecraft has village minecraft is important with command blocks and command blocks is more useful than terraria electrical items minecraft can be putted mods and texture packs than terraria minecraft has creative mod and commands Terraria - Terraria no enchatments but awesome sword Terraria is not fully world Terraria has greater items than minecraft Terarria is 2D Terraria dont have portals but there is hell and floating islands Terraria got fire arms than minecraft but minecraft can be putted mods Terarria can be putted mod but only few mods ( i dont know maybe there are more ) Terraria have cooler electronic items but command blocks win cause you can do any you want Terraria dont have commands but in server has Terraria has more cave styles like jungle cave , ice cave what ever ( just comment what is missing OK!!! )
Ellmo Bates : MC worlds aren't actually endless it will eventually loop you back to where u r were in the start but its a very long long loop