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Fernando de Alba Piñeyro : No terraria lose because minecraft you can to with anything have more mobs now in 1.8 and you can to anything can you want like mini games server texture packs, mods, etc and in terraria you can´t to anything and terraria copy of minecraft and destroy the creativity!!! 
Ash Walker : Terraria was made first I helped them make it
Brian Le : Minecraft is more for kids and Terraria is for more advanced smarter gamers
Princess Grapebloom : *Minecraft is a million times better than Terrarishit Hands down haters! <3* 
Ethan Montgomery : i hate terraria
RandomGaming : Just imagine if minecraft and terraria combined to make one game....IT'D BE THE #1 VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!
Mikemray Canda : you all dumbass do you know terraria and minecraft . ( forgot the wrong spelling ) Minecraft - minecraft has enchantments minecraft has lot of biomes than terraria minecraft has portals minecraft is first created than terraria minecraft is 3D minecraft has more cooler too explore minecraft has village minecraft is important with command blocks and command blocks is more useful than terraria electrical items minecraft can be putted mods and texture packs than terraria minecraft has creative mod and commands Terraria - Terraria no enchatments but awesome sword Terraria is not fully world Terraria has greater items than minecraft Terarria is 2D Terraria dont have portals but there is hell and floating islands Terraria got fire arms than minecraft but minecraft can be putted mods Terarria can be putted mod but only few mods ( i dont know maybe there are more ) Terraria have cooler electronic items but command blocks win cause you can do any you want Terraria dont have commands but in server has Terraria has more cave styles like jungle cave , ice cave what ever ( just comment what is missing OK!!! )
KennyRulz244444 the Great : Terraria sucks, why did the guy who made this think it was better than Minecraft, also if you say Terraria was in development before Minecraft, Terraria started development in 2011!, MINECRAFT WAS 2009 YOU DUMBASSES!