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Chris Harris : lol you know most teams that high back in cata are all fucking wintraders? probably a good portion of your team are wintraders and the other team is to im sure. atleast at 2900 mmr 
David Smith : Highest rbg team for US ladder is 3021 as of right now. i looked on the EU ladder, highest i saw was 3300, im not seeing now 3900 lol.
Tom Gibson : No its not possible because the amount of teams on 2900 mmr is very minimal, you would need to farm a 2900 team for 100+ games to get above 3k even then your mmr would be too high and therefore would que into nobody. Hero of the horde - Seckonlegs - shattered hand
Blackzz Kent : make a video and show us!
krayzai174 : chill bro, he's good for one thing in life, you shouldn't hate on people that have nothing :) if your good at one thing on earth that isn't a video game, you've won by default:)
aerozub : THey're wintraders, and buyers that buy rating from such wintraders. There's a dude with 3900+ with no honorable kills :) I wonder why they're not banned yet, it's been a long time they should've been.
m4oH : never been unimpressed by you before but this video did exactly that. you came off as arrogant as fuck in the beginning and nearly everything you were calling was either unnecessary and/or it wasn't happening.
lolatyouallday69 : Hell nah, ally all day(;