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Tymah banga : and we beated u so many times "platinium gentlemen" means we were the best rbg team in the woooorld whooo
Kage1128 : You don't even show the rating fuuuu.
stuart parnel : whats mmr mean ? sorry if i sound noobish 
Chris Harris : lol you know most teams that high back in cata are all fucking wintraders? probably a good portion of your team are wintraders and the other team is to im sure. atleast at 2900 mmr 
larry1285 : that's insane
David Smith : Highest rbg team for US ladder is 3021 as of right now. i looked on the EU ladder, highest i saw was 3300, im not seeing now 3900 lol.
Tom Gibson : No its not possible because the amount of teams on 2900 mmr is very minimal, you would need to farm a 2900 team for 100+ games to get above 3k even then your mmr would be too high and therefore would que into nobody. Hero of the horde - Seckonlegs - shattered hand
Blackzz Kent : make a video and show us!