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Salo Chikhladze : actually SNSD is the only group which videos are not full of illuminati symbols.. cause 2NE1, BB, EXO, BEAST uses them, but i havenot mentioned smth special in GG videos. that eye and fingers thing is just little, but it is)) i don't think it is true about black and white stuff;dd 
mesho alharbi : Every songs is satanic. Thats why in islam they forbid songs with musics....
Summer Runnels : So ... du I love Japan and korea shut up and fuge off
aizah Catapang : Snsd are not illuminati! Whoever posted this is stupid.and Maybe he is the Illuminati one hahahaha or Maybe you are anti! Stupid! Your proofs don't make sense! 
emi Migumi : -.- i didt know winking is being an illuminati .'' plus the number 6 .'' is on the shirt number of the members, does it Means they already a one? :3 besides! GG is just making aegyo doest mean they already one!
Creative and Unique Crafts by: Christie Nonna : Why did you use snsd song as the background music then?
Yanna Lee : this is so lame 
sandra4408 : sorry...did you ever heard of wink?? ^^