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Salo Chikhladze : actually SNSD is the only group which videos are not full of illuminati symbols.. cause 2NE1, BB, EXO, BEAST uses them, but i havenot mentioned smth special in GG videos. that eye and fingers thing is just little, but it is)) i don't think it is true about black and white stuff;dd 
mesho alharbi : Every songs is satanic. Thats why in islam they forbid songs with musics....
Summer Runnels : So ... du I love Japan and korea shut up and fuge off
sandra4408 : sorry...did you ever heard of wink?? ^^
Rikako Sakuraba : and furthermore i felt upset about this as SM town was bad but the artistes were innocent idk why they have to use them to hurt others if they themselves know about this they will feel hated... I LOVE K POP but i hope not all of them are illuminati :( I hope isn't 
hyerim wi : Omg,it is aegyo(making yourself cute) its not make little things a big deal!!
Kwon Yuri : Noob
Rikako Sakuraba : what about Girl's Day, MBLAQ, Super Junior, Tara, Kara, Hello Venus and Are their songs related to illuminati too..? Even though i love the song but what u said is true as i am a Christian they only use these to attack Christians only not Buddists, Taoist, etc...