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sandra4408 : sorry...did you ever heard of wink?? ^^
GermanyFan01 : The brotherhood of the snake is the real name for illuminati second GG may just use those signs to try and get more fame that's really common among singers third it's not hard for me to admit that there's corruption in the world no matter where or who it is doing it some of u dumbfucks act like everyone is perfect and no one is smart enough to brainwash the masses of people all just to fill there wallets and suck u dry remember in the revelation Satan try's to convince everyone he's God and believe it or not not everyone worships God
micaela angela zareno : i don't beleive this..
Alex Kullman : Those hand signs are nothing more then hand signs meaning ok and peace and I will gladly support snsd because they make good music
Julia Calvancanti : TNC
Divaa Prameswary : :') let it flow.
Hazel Santiago : We also know exactly what the sign of the Illuminati ...and this is not...relly not !!!
miyakashinn : Hey just because they do peace sign and other cute stuffs u conclude that snsd is an illuminati. Normal people also do that kind of stuffs, so does it mean they are bunch of illuminati too?