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Lisa Wolff : Geile Zeit, magoo lebte auch noch
TMalltheway : Victor Zuri At 1:37 Tiny is the big guy and then Sonny pulls up next to him,when they are riding through Big Bear it's Sonny Barger on the right,Terry the Tramp,then behind Sonny is Magoo,next to him is Skip Workman,and behind Magoo is Tiny
Holly Martin : My dad rode with this group in the early 7os. We lived in Fontana, my mom didn't want us girls raised around the bikers so she moved us too Ohio . we never saw our dad again :( . She then got remarried to an asshole who physically and mentally abused us. I think we would of been better being raised with bikers then some idiot who didn't love us. My father died when I was 14 so I never got to meet him as an older adult I can only remember vaguely some things like packing snow in his trunk from the mountains and bringing it down to build snowmen with us. I wish we could of stayed in Cali with him and the gang because I know we would of been protected .
Angela Sudmeijer :
jari seessalmi :
IanHunedoara8 : I think that the Thompson book was a cheap shot. If I can get a hold of Sonny Barger's autobiography he sets the record straight with him.
sigler1917 : Happy Birthday Skip, We miss you! rest in peace.
Tomcaatt : the stats are way to much in the bikers favor , 99% of bike riders neither wreck or die !