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Anna Gibson : Hay my dad Raymond McClurg road with you from 1964 -1976 and he told me if I ever needed help to call on you. Well I needed you now my family and I have been threatened and I got stucker bunch in the face. Please help.
TheButcherAwaits : You bet I do brother. California ain't the same place no more! Man... those were the fucking days!!!
IanHunedoara8 : I think that the Thompson book was a cheap shot. If I can get a hold of Sonny Barger's autobiography he sets the record straight with him.
sigler1917 : Happy Birthday Skip, We miss you! rest in peace.
Tomcaatt : the stats are way to much in the bikers favor , 99% of bike riders neither wreck or die !
GHOST RIDER : That's a fact jack ... R.I.P.
hasan yilmaz : wie die früher aussahen gucl mal jetzt wie sie aussehen krasse veränderung support 81
chartrule : @JohnfuckingSnow the angels are a joke - your colors suck shit and you can see the winged faggot logo you all wear from miles away