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Jack the Ripper - First Modern Serial Killer - [part 1]

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Jack the Ripper - First Modern Serial Killer - [part 1]

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Documentary about Jack the Ripper.

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hamsterlover1888 : Uuum..no he wasn't. Please tell me you were jooking here.
flyinspirals : (cont.) -- because it's a mirror world-- a mirror world of motives and means that do not make sense to the logical, civilized, 'sane' mind. It's a game that runs very fast, controlled by a master manipulator who counts on your not seeing him dealing your hand from the bottom of the stacked, marked deck. He knows that, even if one person figures it out, that's not enough to stop his game: you still have to convince the others it's -- (cont.)
flyinspirals : yayyy...experts.
flyinspirals : Mmmnm...who has a complete, air-tight alibi for every night that later comes into question? That in itself is suspect.
Robbie Kenneally : @grissomairport ahhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaah
grissomairport : Where the heck do they have her working out of, it looks like the home of Bufflao Bill from Silence of the Lambs.
flyinspirals : KNOWLEDGE ***IS*** POWER. Thanks.
flyinspirals : 1/3: As Mick says: "you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." It's so true, (and he would know). Id rather be doing something "more productive", but due to circumstances,I spend many hours on youtube, watching videos about serial killers and other psychos, and I['m amazed at how much (needed) insight I've gained into sociopathy (The Monster Within and Among Us) in a few months.It really is a matter of 'cracking the killer's code' -- (cont.)