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thelouisfanclub : I dont see why people get so riled up about "Johnlock" - it's a perfectly reasonable reaction to a couple like this. People were speculating about it since Victorian times (if you look at, eg. the Raffles stories which evidently satirise this) and I think the writers of this series in particular obviously love playing with the "gay" hypothesis. It's far from a crazy idea. Of course doesn't HAVE to be a sexual bond but so what if people want to imagine that it is? I dont think it really spoils anything. The relationship between these two is still dynamic and interesting and one of the reasons people love Sherlock Holmes.
DashtaElizabeth19 : The hobbit... And Khan noonien singh. LOL :D oh.. he'd make a wonderful elf. or an orc. he's got that deeeeeeep voice.
Harper Siletra : no need for john lock, they're already acting like a married couple xx
SherlockHolmes JohnWatson : Ah, yes. The Look... --John Watson
Natalia Nilovna : Can we please view Sherlock and John as "brothers, not in blood, but in bond" instead of resorting to Johnlock out of desperation? I feel my insides shriveling up/want to crawl in a hole and die/think "Oh God, why?" whenever I see/hear "Johnlock".
morgan barr : "You're doing that look again" "What look?" "The he's-hot-when-he's-clever look" :D
andslove88 : "...we know what's happening" "but we do" awwww
Carter Gates : Imagine if Watson was actually a woman....dear god what have I done? D: