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Paulina West : I thought of you all because it is Thanksgiving. I hope you have a good one! Cheers
imdafarmer gamerboy : what combines and heads? we had a 7720 and 224 and we just added a 9400 with a 922
Dalius : What model is that JD with a baler ?
Scott Campbell : Pheasant Hunter here. Just wondering were there any pheasants seen on this harvest. Nice video my aunt referred this on her fb page.
WickedJesterL : The Wheat Harvest wasn't too good around here it seems. A lot of fields looked pretty thrashed from the hail and isolated flooding. But then again last year several people were being docked for water content. Not sure how bad it was this year (2014). Least I didn't have custom cutters try to run me over on the sand roads up north along Kiowa county and Pratt county this year.
Austin Goecke : I'm a Combine driver 
Bare36 : my favorite part of harvest is making barbecue near field..yesterday we finished harvesting 1 hour after midnight.also,if is cloudy or wind blows,we work at night.greetings from balkans.
Emily Root : I'm from central Kansas as well and I work as a farm hand during harvest. You have no clue how cool it is to me that you guys are doing this. I love harvest and the farm; and I'm not even doing it on a daily basis. It's just nice to see that someone else enjoys it as much as I do and that they are sharing it.