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CBoyardee : ``it is harveast time in my village.soon i shall eat the `sorghum`.good luck in uae
Scott Campbell : Pheasant Hunter here. Just wondering were there any pheasants seen on this harvest. Nice video my aunt referred this on her fb page.
douglasnvideo : Thanks so much for sharing. I was very blessed by your presentation My family was originally from the central Nebraska area and know all about wheat farming (and corn). I am from So Cal coast and just know of it :) through family stories of the farm days. I have been back to the mid west many times and enjoy the quieter "community farm life” of neighbors helping and watching for one another. Blessings! 
Bryce White : I'm a custom cutter from western Kansas. We harvest from Texas to Montana and it's hectic but I went back for 4 years so I must love it.
Gripnok : Why do you have to bale so quickly? Why couldn't the baler come by the next day or something? Does it have something to do with the moisture?
joshua wager : How big of a farm does your family have
WickedJesterL : The Wheat Harvest wasn't too good around here it seems. A lot of fields looked pretty thrashed from the hail and isolated flooding. But then again last year several people were being docked for water content. Not sure how bad it was this year (2014). Least I didn't have custom cutters try to run me over on the sand roads up north along Kiowa county and Pratt county this year.
magna59 : I would have through the favorite part for all of you would be "the end" , not that you did not enjoy it , but that it s "safe", it s money in the bank and you don't have to look over your shoulder for the storm . You said that you were 11%,3% below max moisture levels , what is that 1/2 a day to a day, lost . Can you not test on the farm and get started earlier, or do they have to see it at the elevator ?