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SuperMedicali : HAHAH dont give a fuck!!
phantogroupie909 : @M16musicc Lol. your a man.
casualgerm : 3/3 til death...Fortune Favors the Brave. and LOL!! @ the mechanics and admin commnet. fuckin priceless.
DeviantWaffle : Taco or cactus.
TheTomatoIsTheEdibleOftenRedFruitOfThePlantSolanumlycopersicumCommonlyKnownAsATomatoPlantLOL : As long as you can pass the fitness test and you have a low body fat percentage, you should be fine physically.
B1LLVANILYBOY . : Yeah . They do carry !
danktoker87 : Cool story bro!
biovibe3 : king of the castle king of the castle