Every Champion FAKER Has Picked In Pro League of Legends

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Faker has been the face of League of Legends eSports for over 6 years now. During this time he has been able to win multiple major tournaments including 3 Worlds championships. And with over 600 games played SKT T1, Faker has so far only played with 62 champions. With that I wanted to take a look deeper into his choices and I was able to find what I think are some pretty interesting things.

Links to sources of the videos and data used:

Every single statistic and data about Faker is available on his "Gamepedia": https://lol.gamepedia.com/Faker/Statistics

Doublelift most pentakills: https://lol.gamepedia.com/Doublelift

The longest game in League of Legends Esports by SKT and Jinair: https://compete.kotaku.com/longest-game-in-pro-league-of-legends-history-shatters-1822263406

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