420 NBA HIGH-lights


The best way to crossfade is to smoke weed on 420 and review NBA highlights. Basketball has been legal forever, but weed is finally legal for recreational use in Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, Maine, and Massachusetts. The 2017 NBA playoffs are underway, and maybe with the exception of the Boston Celtics getting handled by the Chicago Bulls things are going as expected. The Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Cleveland Cavaliers all lead their series 2-0.

The probable MVP, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder are down to the Houston Rockets 2-0 after giving up a 4th quarter lead. James Harden and his beard prove to be too good. LeBron James pisses Larry Bird off every time he dunks with authority, Kawhi Leonard is emerging as one of the best players in the NBA, the Splash Brothers handled the Portland Trail Blazers without Kevin Durant, and Scotty Pippen admits Jimmy Butler is better than him.

In this episode That’s Good Sports will smoke the Indica strain Church, from Good Chemistry while discussing playoff HIGHlights, Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, & Tony Romo, all while forgetting that David Stern hasn’t been commissioner since 2014. This is basketball. This is bad marijuana highlight talking.

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