Buick Confessions: Brandon McManus


Last year I helped Vic Lombardi produce this interview with Denver Broncos Kicker Brandon McManus. Instead of driving around Denver in a Bentley like Vic did with Running Back C.J. Anderson, we had the Gooch Master drive around in my 1989 Buick Park Avenue which used to belong to my grandpa who was a life long Broncos fan. Lombardi & McManus get the car washed, order healthy menu options at Sonic, and McManus gets heckled about missing a kick against the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015 by the kid who worked at the Car Wash.

Vic asks questions like, "Have you ever been stabbed."

As Broncos fans wait for the Tony Romo situation to conclude, let's remember there are two QB's on the roster that may be the starters in 2017. Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian. John Elway and Jerry Jones continue to stare each other down in a really annoying pissing contest. Let this tailgate video remind you of what is important, drinking in public before NFL games.

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