Episode 37- New! Gearbest Review | Jumping Sumo!

Hey viewers in this this video I will go in depth about a website called GearBest. GearBest has an awesome variety of cool toys and gages you can get on their site. Just in time for the holidays you can hop on their site and find many new toys, electronics, and apparel that you might now be able to find anywhere els.

You can easily get to their website, and find everything that I just reviewed with these links!


Invisible Ink Pen:http://goo.gl/NaopKV

Super Strong Magnets:http://goo.gl/8xzQjb

Diameter Magic Magnetic Ball Puzzle Toy:http://goo.gl/3NQ6Hr

RC Bounce Car:http://goo.gl/aDECcO

5mm Magnetic Ball Creative Intelligent Toy:http://goo.gl/OpPwZa

Theater Film Cardboard Phone Projector:http://goo.gl/3GsfLA

N38 Powerful NdFeB Square Magnet:http://goo.gl/LyuFIk

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