Mile High Monsters


I am sure you have seen the Mile High Monsters during the NFL broadcasts of the Denver Broncos games. This father & son combo have created elaborate Broncos costumes out of orange palm palms. They gave Brandon Perna an exclusive interview prior to the 2016 season opener against the Carolina Panthers. We know now that Cam Newton and company could not muster a game winning field goal to shed the embarrassment of getting destroyed by Von Miller in Super Bowl 50.

That's good sports talks to several fans before the game, and explores some of the interesting things Broncos fans bring to the stadium to tailgate every Sunday the Broncos are at home.

As Broncos fans wait for the Tony Romo situation to conclude, let's remember there are two QB's on the roster that may be the starters in 2017. Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian. John Elway and Jerry Jones continue to stare each other down in a really annoying pissing contest. Let this tailgate video remind you of what is important, drinking in public before NFL games.

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