Music And Dance Around The World

"Music and dance around the world" Spring TV Festival. Live concert. Bring all your family and join us for an evening of a wonderful variety show with outstanding international singers and dancers accompanied by incredible musicians.
In concert international superstar Papin Poghosyan, well-known singer and an actor Razmik Mansourian, well known soprano Anahit Nersisyan, saxophonist-virtuoso and composer Jacob Nakhman, mezzo-soprano Manik Manukyan, popular Artur Misterx, a world - known coloratura soprano Mariana Popzlateva, one of the world’s most accomplished duduk players Ruben Harutyunyan, one of today’s premier sopranos Anna Boyrazyan, a violin virtuoso with numerous performances Yasha Konviser, young known winer competitions Luara Melody, folk songs singer Gevorg Chakmanyan, an unparalleled mastering of the art of the Kanoon Karine Hasasyan, actor and a singer who performs in five different languages Hovhannes Babakhanyan, piano virtuoso Gayane Asatrian, tenor Raffi V. Kerbabian, tenor from Broadway George Komsky and Karavan Dance Studio by artistic directors Edgar and Karine Nikolyan. Hostess of the concert a well known television host and personality on the Armenian channel Lilit Sargsyan.

Thanks to our Media Sponsors: Russian newspaper in LA - "Zapad Vostok"; and "KartinaTV"

Live concert starting at 7PM in the Glendale Presbyterian Church.
Address: 125 S Louise St, Glendale, CA 91205.

For more information, please call 818.265.0506 or 310.968.4809.
Tickets (from $25 to $100) can be purchased on and

Want to enter into the history of best International talents here? Be a part of a unique filming of Sprinf TV Festival "Music and Dance around the World" in the Glendale Presbyterian Church at 7PM.

For information about the sponsors program for "Music and Dance around the World" call 310-968-4809.


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