Tom Brady on Madden 18 Cover


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EA Sports and New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, I mean Tom Brady announced today that Tom Brady will be on the Madden 18 video game cover for XBOX ONE and PLAYSTATION 4. If this upsets you the best thing to do is just download the game digitally so you don’t have to have the cover in your house. I personally think Tom is completely deserving of the cover after his performance in the 2016 season and in Super Bowl LI, and also believe he deserves the curse that comes with the great honor.

Brady does not believe in the curse and said so via a video on his facebook page. That is very cocky of him, but if he does beat the curse he will prove he does have god like powers that do not apply to the rest of us mortal humans. Last year’s cover was Rob Gronkowski making this the second year in a row a Patriot is on the cover of the game. Nobody hates that more than Roger Goodell.

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